Melania Trump Makes Heads Turn Yet Again with Fuchsia Florals

The first lady of United States, Melania Trump has always been the talk amongst people for her beautiful looks and amazing sense of fashion. She has always managed to ace all her public appearances and given fashion goals to women around the globe.

Yesterday, Melania Trump left the White House to go to Ohio for one day. This time also, she managed to look spectacular in her attire. She wore a fuchsia floral dress that was designed by Monique Lhuillier. She paired this dress with heels, which were designed by her all-time favourite designer, Christian Louboutin.

Ever since the time Donald Trump starting running the campaign for his Presidential election, Melania Trump’s sense of style seems to have undergone a change. Prior to the presidential campaign, she was often spotted wearing glamorous dresses, which were quite high octane. Compared to the former phase, she has been displaying a sophisticated reinvention in the way that she chooses to dress up. She upholds the standards of a political wife and the first lady of the United States. And therefore now, she chooses to opt for strict silhouettes and elegant attires.

She still wears designer outfits and has started wearing attires designed by many American designers. She does not stick to one brand anymore and keeps on mixing amongst various designers. Out of all, her favourite designers are Gabbana, Dolce and Valentino.

No matter what she wears and which brand she embraces, her personality adds volume to her overall charm.

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