Male tips on how to dress on a date

Even if your date doesn’t have a dresscode, a girl will still judge you by your appearance. There is nothing shameful in evaluating a date by its looks because it shows someone’s attitude and readiness to go further than one date.

Believe it or not, males who dress too casually on the first date strike their ladies as indifferent and not ready to move further. Why? Because we tend to dress nicer for special occasions. Together with site bebe, we figured out how to look stunning for a first date but not too overdressed.

1. Start with hygiene

Perfumes are like a second skin. A stylish hairstyle can work better than a business suit. When thinking about your date outfits, make sure you take care of your body. If you are used to wearing a five o’clock shade, make your trim neat. Manicures and pedicures are no longer a female attribute, so care about your appearance from the tip of your head to the tips of your toes.

2. Check the occasion

If you already agreed on the meeting point, it’s time to think about the acceptable outfit. So many guys are afraid to come under or overdressed. If you are scared to look ridiculous, ask a girl about what she is wearing. There is nothing shameful to check her outfits for the day because it shows your attentiveness and carefulness. If she wears a gown, you need to find a suit. If a girl is wearing a tank top and a pair of shorts, chances are, it’s going to be casual.

3. Avoid wearing sporty clothes if your date is not sport-related

Although we live in the 21st century where clothes don’t hold such value, it’s easy to show disrespect by arriving underdressed. The majority of Europeans don’t care if you walk up to a girl wearing an Adidas jacket and sandals. But is it your best fit, or are you trying to create a false impression of emphasized coolness, undermining a situation? There are not too many occasions to wear a jacket and a pair of nice shoes.

4. Understand that the effort must be equal

It’s not cool when a girl spends hours doing procedures and combining the best toilette. And these efforts don’t mean women are absent-minded lookists. It means that a girl is walking an extra mile to impress her date. You have to be interested in hair gel and shoe polish because your desire to dress up often defines your excitement for a date.

5. Expensive clothes don’t matter as long as you choose the right fit

Baggy or skinny clothes, choose a complementary style that will make you look magnificent on a date. Whether you like formalwear or skater clothes, the style should scream at you and allow the girl to remember you. The fit is important because, additionally to good looks, you need to feel comfortable and relax. Allow your body to breathe and make your movements easy.

6. Avoid wearing new shoes

If you bought a pair of classic leather shoes, it might be tempting to wear a new piece at once. But remember that confidence is key. New shoes might instantly give you blisters and distract you from a date.

7. Accessories are important

Who said men don’t wear accessories? It’s nice to have a neat backpack, a chain, or a watch when going on a date. Style is all about self-expression. Allow a girl to remember you by a quirky ring or a distinctive belt.

8. Shirts are sexy

Women consider male shirts a huge turn-on. If you don’t know what to wear, choose it because a plain white shirt is better than most graphic tees. Moreover, they match every occasion. If you like flannels and darker shirts, use that to impress a girl with your unique style. Don’t forget to iron linen and cotton clothes because neatness is key to a good affluent appearance.

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