Signs that show you have to work on your fashion taste.

Your clothes and style can say about you more than anything else. People usually make a fist conclusion solely on the way how you dress. Have you ever seen a woman who would want to look bad? Right, there are no such women.

 But why do we see so many faceless women on the streets who have no idea about their styles? Their image is forgettable, such women are not remarkable, and their tasteless clothes don't leave any vivid impressions and cannot draw attention to anything.

               You can always learn to have good taste, but you must get rid of the bad one first. To achieve this, it is enough just to learn some rules that are not difficult for every woman to follow.

Since the rules of good taste can be applied everywhere and for every woman, in the same way, this article presents you those signs that indicate a bad fashion taste. They should be avoided and never allowed in your style.

How to dress properly.

  1. Too colorful clothes

Women who chose to wear bright colorful clothes usually have no idea about good taste. You should never wear too many different colored clothes at the same time. There is no need to turn yourself into the rainbow. It is far better for your style if you wear pastel clothes.

  1. Too many expensive pieces of jewelry.

Some women prefer to wear everyday almost all the jewelry that they have in the house. They tend to wear at least one ring on each finger, gold necklaces with different pendants flaunt on their necks. Goldrush has passed long ago and nowadays wearing so many pieces of jewelry on yourself is considered a sign of bad taste or its complete absence.

  1. Clothes combinations.

You should never buy clothes that don’t fit with other elements of your wardrobe. They will only make you look out of the style. To find out how to avoid mistakes in creating your style, you should learn the ways of making suits for yourself.

We are not talking about standard classical suits here.  Of course, classical suits must also be present in the clothing arsenal of every woman. We refer to the fact that all our clothes should always create combinations.

For example, when buying jeans you should pay attention to your shirt or T-shirt that you are going to wear with those jeans.  They should be in the same style. Also, you should find a proper shoe, handbag, and other accessories for this style composition.

Tip: It is better to have fewer clothes that can be combined and form a single style than to have an abundance of different clothes that are in different styles.

  1. Fishnet pantyhose

A fishnet pantyhose is not appropriate unless you are going on the special photo session or visiting a theme party.

In real life, fishnet pantyhose does not look as attractive as in photos from glossy magazines. It is almost impossible to pick up any clothes to form a style with a fishnet pantyhose. This is why it is better to avoid it in your wardrobe.

 If you, having bought a new cloth, feel great about yourself and cannot take your eyes off the mirror, this means that you are on the right path. Don’t stop in your experiments and try some new outfits, even if they are very different from your usual style.

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