General rules of men's Fashion

We learn how to look nice throughout life. Some learn faster than others, but it doesn't mean that will never be able to catch up with them and will always look bad. The biggest advantage of men's fashion is the fact that it is very conservative. This means that to look good we only need to memorize and follow a set of general rules. Don’t worry, here we are going to provide you these rules with explanations.

  • Your clothes should fit you well. Never go up a size and never wear clothes that are too tight. 
  • According to experts, most women are attracted to men who wear dark-blue clothes.
  • When you are wearing a suit your shirt should be brighter than your jacket. It makes you look thinner.
  • A denim shirt is beautifully combined with jeans only when it is 1-2 tones lighter than the lower part.
  • If you don't want to spend too much money on your clothes, we can recommend you to buy only black, dark-blue and grey suits. Your black suit will be perfect for celebrations and the other two are great for everyday usage and business meetings. 
  • Learn to create clothing accents. A handkerchief, tie, and scarf will help you create a spectacular image. Remember, you should try to draw the attention to your powerful sides, not to your weak spots.
  • If you have a rather dark skin tone, then you should use warm and bright colors in your clothes.
  • A jacket with one or two buttons will make your figure look slenderer.
  • If you want to look fit, then you should avoid horizontal stripes in clothing. Those who seek to look higher should wear dark jeans with a t-shirt or shirt that is a few tones lighter. Men with short stature should avoid loose or baggy clothes. It can make them look even lower.
  • Wear medium length socks. Your task here is to make sure that your legs are covered with clothes, even when you sit. Make sure that your accessories such as a belt buckle, tie clip, cufflinks, and watches are in the harmonious color combination.
  • Your tie should reach the top of the belt buckle. Sometimes you should wear a handkerchief. It will give your image individuality. It is perfect when handkerchief and tie create a good combination of colors. 
  • You should never unbutton more than two buttons on your sports shirts.
  • A checked shirt can be worn with a monotone black or gray tie. Or choose the color of one of the shirt cells.
  • You should leave undone the bottom button while wearing cardigans. Regardless of the style, remember the sleeve of a shirt should always be longer than the sleeve of a jacket.
  • Wearing the same pair of leather shoes for more than two days is a mistake. Two different shoes will not only diversify your style but will help extend their usage period.
  • It is important to focus on saturation when combining colors in clothing. For example, you should not wear a light gray suit with a bright tie, but, the more saturated color will be just right for a black shade.

By adhering to these tips, you can always stay elegant and spectacular. And try more often to leave the so-called "comfort zone". You should sometimes wear something unusual for your style. This will allow you to discover many new features in clothing.

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