4 Tips For Buying Men’s Leather Jackets

Leather jackets vary in terms of price, quality, style, and size; there are many new leather coats, jackets to select from. Purchasing men’s jackets online isn’t that tough, but you need to know certain things before picking one.  You can find many brands, suppliers and hence you may tend to get confused. Jack and Jones Co. is a distinct supplier, and producer of quality men’s jeans, jackets, shirts, and clothing items.

One can find a wide variety of Jack & Jones Jeans, and jackets that every man needs throughout all the seasons. You can choose a jacket for yourself or gift it to a friend, considering some of the characteristics given below.

You must have observed celebrities flaunting leather jackets and now everyone wants to include them in their wardrobe collection. You need to take several factors into account to select the most ideal leather jacket. You would like to have a jacket that matches with your official dress, while in other cases you may want to wear a jacket for casual and recreational usage. Follow these tips to find a leather jacket that compliments your body type and fits you comfortably.

Flattering Cut

Men’s distressed jackets, motorcycle jackets, and bomber jackets are the most popular leather jackets available today.  Each jacket comes with its own design, as it fits differently too. Motorcycle jackets come up to waist level and have zippered pockets and metal hardware, so that it fits tightly. The distressed one has a vintage look, with boxy pockets, stiff lapels, and worn-in feel, while bomber jacket is quite roomier, making it an ideal choice for men with broad shoulders. For a classic look, opt for a streamlined, straight cut, which looks fit, and not too tight.

Choose a Colour that Complements Your Style

You need to purchase a jacket in that shade, which matches your wardrobe; if you have majority of your attire in bright colours, buy a black jacket, so that it matches most of your clothing. If you usually wear clothes in earth-tone shades, such as tan or beige, then opt for brown jacket.

Select a colour that best aligns with your body type, clothes, and make you feel comfortable. Most opt for black, as it can be worn with both casual and business wear. Brown looks more casual and gives a vintage look, when paired with jeans. If you aren’t sure what suits you the best, you can think of a colour based on majority of your dresses.

Mind the Variation in Sizes

The size differs from brand to brand; look at the size chart in the store’s website if you’re buying online to make the right choice. You need to consider measurements of sleeve, back, chest, and waist for a better fit. The length of the sleeve shouldn’t exceed your actual wrist line, as it may look small or long- in fact a bit odd.

 Quality of Fabric

Most jackets are made up of either cowhide or lambskin leather; for a rougher and rugged appearance, opt for cowhide leather jacket, while lambskin can be a better choice for a sophisticated look.

Remember that buying a leather jacket is a considerable investment and you need to make sure that you purchase the one that complements your dressing style, and delivers the maximum comfort.

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